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Ruthin Gig review

Booked inna Wales yet again ! Always a good one for the Friendly Fire Crew, even tho it was overlooked a little bit cos of Robidons last minute JA excursion with Mat "Man like Steph" Graham but as soon as we learned of it we were all chuffed to be invited back to the land of hills and valleys. Ok, no Robidon so all usual protocol is out of the window, Damo takes control of the reins (uh oh!) Olbi's down, so is Lion, so is the Mystic man, Friday evening, costs all taken care of, let's leave at 8, safe. Loui Ranks rings me in the week, he's thinking of driving down too, cool bring some of our lot, road trip on. I chat to Pete on the phone mid week, seems like a good guy, we're playing in an unusual, round building, cool, well up for this now.
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