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Sticky Business  : BrumTown To JA And Back

Sticky Business : BrumTown to JA and back

Yep yep yep, more Big Up’s from yours truly Bongo Damo, this week I’d like to spotlight man like Sticky Joe and the new Kingston Connection EP available on his own Kingston Express records ! 6 tracks featuring the likes of Robert Dallas (check him out, I caught up with him performing at PST inna BrumTown recently, bad bad !!) Earl 16, Solo Banton, Cheshire Cat, Horseman, Horace Andy, Macka B and Johnny Clarke, fair do’s that is one serious lineup mi bredrin !!! The EP does not disappoint, each track will find its way onto the Jam Jah Sound for sure, this morning I’m particularly digging Robert Dallas’ World Corruption, the combination of Earl 16, Cheshire Cat and Solo Banton is as good as it looks on paper and the Johnny Clarke !! Well now give it a listen is all I can say….. This is a quality release and one of many yet to come outta Birmingham this summer, trust me right now BrumTown is on FIRE with Reggae Music !!! Kingston Connection EP also features musicians from Young Culture and the Friendly Fire Band who are both getting ready to release new material soon, watch out for the Brother Culture meets Young Culture single and Jam Jah presents the Friendly Fire Band Mixtape from which the Skandal Riddim is already available (where ya been ??)

Check Dis, you’ve all seen his fb posts about various vegetable goodness here’s Macka n Sticky from the new EP Massive Respect Sticky and ALL Crew…..1LOVE

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