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Ruthin Gig Review

Ruthin Gig review

Booked inna Wales yet again for the UNOD Warm up Session!

Always a good one for the Friendly Fire Crew, even tho it was overlooked a little bit cos of Robidons last minute JA excursion with Mat “Man like Steph” Graham but as soon as we learned of it we were all chuffed to be invited back to the land of hills and valleys. Ok, no Robidon so all usual protocol is out of the window, Damo takes control of the reins (uh oh!) Olbi’s down, so is Lion, so is the Mystic man, Friday evening, costs all taken care of, let’s leave at 8, safe. Loui Ranks rings me in the week, he’s thinking of driving down too, cool bring some of our lot, road trip on. I chat to Pete on the phone mid week, seems like a good guy, we’re playing in an unusual, round building, cool, well up for this now.

Fast forward to Friday evening 10 o’clock, we finally make our way to the motorway !!!! which is chocoblock, then closed for roadworks ! Hmm long way round then, bit later, A5 shut too, hmm plan c then haha in any case, a little bit later than planned we eventually reach the Llanfwrog centre, and well rounded it is too ! Tomlin n and Loui already there smashing it pon the mic, I set up the bongos next to the percussionist and get involved in the boom boom badabada, already a wicked vibe in there, Pete n Jim welcome us with open arms despite our lateness and JamJah get in session.

Dubplates boom, LionArt takes em to Amsterdam, Tomlin let’s em know about his daily herbal breakfasts, Bongo D selection, nuff Friendly Fire versions, this lot know all the words !!! Smiles everywhere, people are really into our set, Lion and Tomlin always shine in this kind of environment, what a reception, this is what its all about folks, wicked crowd with us all the way, more Dubplates, more bongo action for the changeover, Olbi in full effect, digital style, more Roots, more vocals. I’m stood outside for five midway through, chatting to locals, all happy to chat, nice to know many are already into our stuff, got the records !

Large Up everyone in attendance that night in Ruthin, especially Pete and Jim and all the crew who helped put it together. We finished with Tomlin walking and talking like the Buffalo Soldier he is and some words of wisdom from Robert Nesta of course to close. Bad, Bad, Bad !!! We enjoyed ourselves to the maximum, spread some positivity inna Wales and received more back from the Ruthin massive, we like it here, we’ll be back again

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