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Jam Jah Finale At The Bull’s Head

Jam Jah Finale at the Bull’s Head

What a night! This must have been one of the best Jam Jah Mondays to date!

Selection was assured by Bongo Damo, Robidon, and Olbi Iyah, with a firey mic duo: Lion Art and Tomlin Mystic. In history, no one has evvery seen the night packed so early, and it was a heart warming feeling to see so many friends and family make it down for all over Birmingham and the UK to see the closure.

Big respect goes out to the Leftfoot family, who ran the Bull’s Head, for all their support, but most of all to all the people who have come and skanked with us since 2001, and seen it grow to what it is now.

It was an amazing leaving party, and Jam Jah Mondays have just found a new home in The Dark Horse, Moseley, starting on the 12th October!

Big thanks go to Bianca Harvey Photography  for documenting the finale – check the slideshow below!


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