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Hermitdubz : From Out Of The Cave Into Jah Light

Hermitdubz : From Out of the Cave into Jah Light

Brraapp Brraapp !!!

Man like Bongo Damo here to introduce you to and BIG UP our friend and talented DUB producer Hermit Dubz !!! I feel compelled to let you know about this guy who has developed a very deep, rootsy, digital spaced out sound and is now starting to drop some heavy remixes, collaborations with artists and original pieces. I myself have been over to the cave now a few times (he doesn’t come out much !!) and together we have put down some percussion for his works with top results. The first of which being the mystical “Seek Jah First” Spiritual music, heavy riddim, passionate vocal on release featuring Robert Dallas (check the video above !) this release has four cuts, two featuring the amazing vocals of Robert Dallas and two with yours truly check it on bandcamp : hermitdubz

Also on bandcamp is his remix collection and the stuff he has done with Knati P which is a great introduction to his style, you will not be disappointed its called “Fyah fi Babylon” there is 6 cuts to it and is on the Dubophonic label.

Coming up later this year we will see the release of a new ep from Hermitdubz called “Pursuit of balance” which will be coming out on the Dubophonic label too which I have been fortunate enough to hear and trust me this is MEGA with some Arabic sounds alongside the Rootical stylings.

As well as this he recently played me his remixes of a handful of our Friendly Fire releases, Runaway, Legalize it, Skandal and more which I’m well buzzing about, it’s great to hear them with a more dubby, stripped down and spaced out feel, they will go down well for sure !

Finally I have have had the pleasure of laying down some more percussion for his new re rub of the classic Dennis Brown track, “Don’t wanna be no general” featuring the one and only Prince Jamo on vocals which is sounding TUFF, so keep an eye out for that. This track is earmarked for an album titled, “Burningstrong” featuring all Midlands artists and players which I think is a wicked idea, there is so much talent in this town, believe me !

Big Respect Hermitdubz, a BIG SALUTE from all the Friendly Fire crew 1LOVE


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